Estimates & Shipping Info

We can give preliminary estimates for your posters with sizes and photos. But having them in person will guarantee more accuracy. We strive to make accurate estimates, but they can fluctuate up or down 10%.
Please send inquiries with sizes and photos to 
Turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks. However, that can fluctuate due to the amount of work needed, and we do most work in the order that it arrives. 
This type of detailed work can lead to delays. Please understand that we are working hard to finish all our client's orders with our high quality standards.


When you're ready to ship, please use a sturdy tube or strong flat pack, and include your name and return address. 

Ship to:

Affiche Studio & Gallery

Jason Leonard

3587 NE Prescott St.

Portland, OR 97211


Payment is due upon completion and before return shipping. We accept cash, check, or cards. Near completion we'll send an invoice with return shipping added through Square.


We are an insured studio, and never foresee any problems. But we can't be held liable for any unforeseen damages during shipping or while items are in our care.